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Q1: My doctor advised me a surgery. How should I consult a specialist in India?

Please e-mail us your latest medical reports or case summary prepared by your primary physician. We will send the same to consultants in multiple accredited hospitals in India. We will share it with reputed consultants relevant to the ailment and collate the various clinical options suggested by them. After that, we present it to you with our recommendations.

Q2: How much will the surgery cost?

India is cheaper than all western countries and the cheapest among the frequently traveled medical tourism hubs in Asia (such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc.). India offers world-class facilities along with assistance from the most qualified doctors at highly affordable and value for money prices. Our patients can expect the most competitive cost estimates from us with customized clinical management plans from accredited, reputed hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Q3: Will I be in touch with the Doctor in India before my visit?

Yes! We can arrange for a phone call with your chosen specialist in India. If required, we can also arrange to connect your doctor with the specialist in India for a consultation. This conversation also helps in planning a better treatment.

Q4: What happens once I come to India?

Our Patient Care Consultant will receive you at the airport and will take you to the hospital or your hotel, as planned. If your plan includes going to the hospital first, you'll be taken there, and your investigations (if required) will begin. Your pre-arranged appointment with the doctor and your treatment will commence as per scheduled. Our Patient Care Consultant will be a friend and guide throughout your hospital journey and even after that.

Q5: What if I don't like or am not comfortable with the hospital I chose in the first place?

We haven't had any such cases till now. However, in case you feel that the hospital is not up to your expected standards or you are not comfortable with the choice made on the first hand – Please let us know. It's your choice, your health, and your decision is FINAL. We will assist you in choosing another hospital with which you may feel comfortable.

Q6: How can I make payments for the treatment?

Post deciding your treatment option, specialist and the hospital where you wish to get the treatment done, you would be required to pay an advance to the hospital as per the cost estimates. We can also accept payment/part payment in advance and make the booking on your behalf.

Q7: What Medical and post-operative care facilitation offered by you?

Llards provides a complete set of facilitation for patients. From the pre-operation preparation to the after operation; we are always there to provide any technical or psychosocial support for patients being away from home. We provide interpreters, guidance for documentation, explain the procedure, we provide help in getting native food, making arrangement for relatives and attendant's transport, SIM card and many more guest services.

Q8: What do I need to know about India before planning my travel to the country?

Below listed are few important points that would be required by you to keep in mind before planning a journey to India for medical reasons:

1. Visa
To enter India, you would require a valid visa, which you can get from an Indian embassy in your country of residence. You can either obtain a medical or a tourist visa. A letter stating the reason for the visit from the treating doctor, or the hospital is required for getting a medical visa. Llards team will arrange for such visa facilitation letter.

2. Weather
India has distinct seasons and the climatic conditions in the country have massive effects on the temperatures. While the Northern segment of the country has extreme temperatures, its moderate in the West, and South. It will be an added advantage if you are aware of the weather and temperature conditions of the location where you will be getting treated. It's better to be prepared.

3. Food
Indian food is quite different. It tastes different in comparison to the variety of palettes found across the globe. Moreover, the cooking is also done differently to achieve this richness in flavor. The taste and aroma of food vary in every part of the country. However, the spice quotient eliminates this difference. Whether it is a North Indian or South Indian cuisine, spices are used generously. It is worthwhile to note that all the spices used have some or the other nutritional or medicinal properties. However, we would be happy to arrange food that pleases your taste buds and can organize a kitchenette with your accommodation, if required.

Q9: Why should I travel by taking help from Llards? It may be cheaper to do it all myself.

At Llards, you will get a cost estimate which will be best, lowest, value for money and customized to your clinical needs. Also, you get a trusted friend for immediate and future needs. Overall going through Llards saves the trouble of negotiating with different agencies for facilitation.

Q10: How will I be cared for after the operation?

You will receive a full-fledged, detailed plan on how you’ll continue to be looked after post the treatment from us, which includes-

  1. Post-treatment daily checks on recuperating patients
  2. Post-treatment sightseeing and shopping tours
  3. Regular recuperating news to your family
  4. Post-therapy treatment if required

Q11: Are your doctors adequately qualified?

Llards only collaborates with renowned and experienced medical specialists. We associate only when the surgeons:

  1. Are qualified, experienced, registered and certified specialists
  2. Do not have any cases of malpractice filed against them
  3. Are registered with the Indian Medical Council or a member of a specialist's association. Adhere to the ethical codes of conduct laid down by the council/association.
  4. Run private practices
  5. Are covered by medical insurance in India

Q12: What is the quality of medical care in Indian Hospitals?

There is no doubt at in the high standards of healthcare maintained by reputed Indian hospitals and its quality of physicians. They use the latest equipment’s and adhere to advanced procedures from developed countries. Llards selects best-accredited hospitals in India by using its self-designed rating tools..

Q13: Will my family and friends be aware of my progress during my surgery?

We will be consistently in touch with the person whom you have identified as your next kin and will provide them with regular updates on your health. Upon doctor’s approval, we will facilitate a conference call with your contact persons too.